Terusc Empire


The Escape

The party started the adventure as prisoners in the notorious prison camp of Blackgate. This Mithril Mine is located on the Ancient Terusc side of the Sirithes. Repeat offenders are sent here to work their lives away mining mithril for The Terusc Empire.

New arrivals Ceos, his mentor Theravin the Fox, and Anvreal the bastard who betrayed them have been sent to Blackgate after their Thieves Guild, The Golden Oak was broken up by the Guards in Crossroads. Ceos and Theravin quickly start plotting an escape with their cell mates Raldim, Faren, Garavel, and The Whisperer.

The Whisperer was summoned by the Warden Brolen to investigate a door with Magical Runes on it while he could read the ancient writing it mention it was sealed by the order of the Archmagus of Ybor City, and that all are forbidden to enter. The whisperer uses this situation to his advantage to steal a Spellbook from the Warden’s Library. Meanwhile the others are working on smuggling enough mithril back to their bunkhouse to craft improvised weapons.

At nightfall they set their bunk houses on fire and sneak over the inner wall. The party makes for the northwest tower, dispatches the guard and climbs down the outer wall to freedom. They run as far and fast as they can the first night and setup a small camp. They have little food, but Faren managed to commandeer a Crossbow from the tower guard. Strangely enough Jhoma, The Whisperer’s Kite did not see any sign of pursuit.



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