Terusc Empire

Into the Wild

Blackgate to The Guard Post

After Escaping the prison The party (Raldim, Ceos, The Whisperer, Theravin the Fox, Garavel and Faren) followed the river down the valley. After several nights of barely surviving by hunting and camping They discovered why the prison guards didn’t bother to follow them, and why no one had tried to reclaim the remains of Ancient Terusc Empire.

The party was set upon by a horde of zombies. Individually these long moldering slow moving members of the undead race didn’t pose much of a threat, but in a large pack they began to take their toll. Garavel was bitten. The party continued to flee down the valley until they found the remains of a road abandoned since the fall of Ancient Terusc. They followed this road to the remains of a guard post. They decided to shelter in this guard post while they tried to save their companion.

The guard post sits on an island in a stream above a waterfall. Upon examining the doors to the two buildings that made up the quard post, The whisper discovered magical runes burned into the sealed up door.

“Danger this Structure under Quarantine by the Archmagus of Ybor City. Enter at your own Risk.”

Out of options and tired of sleeping on the ground surrounded by the undead the party decided to try their chances with the buildings. Raldim smashed open the door. Several zombies ran out and attacked the party. After a short battle the group dispatched the undead and moved on to the second building. Raldim smashed the second door. This time they were not so lucky. Theravin the Fox was bitten by one of the putrid walking corpses.

After searching the buildings the group discovered receipt for potions and medicine from an Apothecary in the nearby mining town of Draelius.



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