The Whisperer

The Whisperer

Vital Stats
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 130ish lbs
Hair: White, and mostly gone.
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: More pale than dark
Build: Thin.
Age: Around 50


Upon First Meeting . . .

He doesn’t tell you his name. In fact, he probably won’t engage you if you try to speak to him. He may just mutter something under his breath, or give an unwelcoming scowl. Or a sarcastic “Charmed”. He looks like he may have been a lean, handsome man in his prime but age and pain (physical and mental) have caught up to him. His hair has left his scalp and migrated to his short, scraggly salt-and-pepper beard. He rarely engages anyone in conversation.

After knowing him a few weeks . . .

Fellow inmates call him “Whispers” or “the Whisperer”, At night, or in the early morning, you may awaken to hear him whispering to himself in a bizarre language—quite unsettling. Others have taken to calling him “The Old Bat” because they think he is crazy. Many simply call him “old man”. But no one seems to know his real name or where he is from . . . and The Whisperer does not seem interested in sharing.

But since the escape he seems a little more open. He’ll respond to conversation (even if the response is his well-known grunt of disinterest or disapproval) and he’ll offer his opinion on the plan if he thinks it’s important enough. He has become much more comfortable with Ceos and Raldim, and almost seems to view Faren as an equal. When practicing his magic you can see the thrill in his eyes.

He is weak of stature but in fights he moves with surprising speed. His years of studying while imprisoned come in handy, as he is clearly very knowledgeable on a great number of subjects. When stories are told around the campfire, he is quiet but always listening intently. He watches carefully to learn from his companions, such as learning to fish from Raldim.

What might you have picked up about his life, goals, and past?

At some point he lived in southern Talifax, and is fond of wine from that region.
His familiar, Jhoma, has an Agwan name.
He has been in prison a long time, ostensibly for using Magic.
He seems to crave knowledge, especially knowledge of magic, and knowledge of a bygone age when magic was freely practiced the world over.

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The Whisperer

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