Races of Mulraan

Origins of Man
Seven Races of Men have lived in Mulraan, and in the present day Age of Men, six are still thriving across the continent. It was not always this way. Below is a synopsis of the ancient history and legends of each race, as well as the “Races of Legends.”

These are the Seven Races Men in Mulraan:


The Races of Legend

Legends of old speak of other races once spread across Mulraan. Bearded dwarves lived high in the Zaltana Mountains, and elves built great cities in the forests of the north. Tales tell of nomadic half-men, no taller than children, whose tent cities would spring up overnight then disappear just as quickly. Horrible pig-men called Orcs that spread hate and filth wherever they went. They are the Races of Legends , and if they truly existed, any evidence has been lost to time. Those that believe in them maintain that the races vanished sometime before the Divine Age. Some have even risked life and limb to find evidence of the lost races, and what made them disappear from Mulraan.

Recently rumors originating from Ninovaan have begun to surface that dwarves, elves and gnomes reside there in isolated communities. Most citizens of The Empire discount this as child’s talk, or illusions created by the unregulated use of magic.

Races of Mulraan

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